reflecting new year evening...

As u know, the new year evening has been held by million people all over the world four days ago. When the New Year evening was come, I’m just asking to my self. Should I be them? Go out all over night, riding a motorcycle, hang out in the park to celebrating the new year evening,, take in a fireworks image in my eyes.. Off course I think I don’t..

At that night, I’m just going to my favorite place with my best friend, puspiptek (a place in the edges of Serpong) we just talked about our life, our desperation of 2008, our expectation, or anything.. my best friend talked to me, he would be a bigger giver in 2009,, wow,, that was so amazing,, I remind u all,, he is just a shopkeeper in alfa midi mini market,, he said even I have a little money, I hope I give more better to all, especially my mom n my little brother,,

I muse over about his statement.. I have no expectation in my new year.. I have no any plan with my whole life.. I’m just knowing that I have to get my bachelor degree quickly.. I’m just thinking about my self, even thinking about my mom.. I feel so bad in that day.. How ever he is just a shopkeeper n I was a university student.. It not means he is lower than me,, as a human being unfortunately,,

which part is wrong? It should be me more understanding about life, but he did. The egoism fills my life, n then I’ve been realized by him. Thanks my best friend,, we should be more better in this year.. I hope..

thanks you would be my best friend ever,, n be my perfect reflection all the time..

this new year without fireworks, this new year without “berbeqyu Party”..
May be this new year we are not going anywhere,, but this new year will be my best “reflecting of new year evening” in my life,, thanks..

I'm sorry,, my english is not so good..

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2 Response to "reflecting new year evening..."

  1. ikeys says:
    8 Januari 2009 06.46

    seperti biasa, malam pergantian tahun lo cuma mentok di puspiptek, seenggaknya lebih baik daripada gue yang ngendon depan tipi dan pas jam 12 lewat semenit langsung tidur. haha.
    tapi tahun ini, gue menghabiskan waktu di kemacetan menuju SMS. yeah... capek banget..

  2. Muhamad Fauzi says:
    8 Januari 2009 18.51

    hahahaha.. as usual lah,,, i'm trying to post with english? my english so bad,, whahahah
    itulah ke yang bikin gue males kemana2,, crowdnya bukan bikin fun malah bikin pusing,, hehehehe....